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Nurturing a young mind in this competitive world is a tough task. Every child is blessed with great potential in him. It just requires the right direction to achieve the right path and stand apart from the crowd.

The foundation division at A.B.G.K. has a diverse mind set; it helps and guides the students at multiple levels. A.B.G.K. helps the students to know their motives and stay focused on them. It creates an optimum environment for a Time-Effort-Skill balance.

Separate modules are prepared for board exams as per their different needs. Teaching approach is simple and straight which do help the students to crack the board exams with confidence and also equip them with the knowledge required to get through their board exams successfully.

Our Teaching Methodology:

Focus on Concept Building:
Foundation classes are held in morning & evening sessions for both English & Hindi medium students in air-cooled environment.

Separate classes are running for both Medical an Engineering aspirants. Lectures for 90 minutes for each subjects are designed according to the pattern and level of both competitive & board exams, which delivered by our esteem faculties.

Classes for English subject also run for a certain period to get high score in Board exam.

AT A.B.G.K. students can be ask their doubt after class or by taking time with his/her subject teacher

Distribute Topic wise Subject Booklet:
A.B.G.K. provides Booklet which is topic wise, design according to the syllabus of board and competitive exams consisting of different exercises containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions covering all the possible arena of the problems which may be asked in forth coming exams including previous years competitive exams questions. Along with competitive exam preparation we provide Board Work-Sheets & Booklets to develop writing skills as required in board exams.

We also skilled our students in performing practicals in laboratory to achieve good marks in their practical subjects.

Special Test Pattern:
Periodic subjective and objective tests are taken regularly to give ample practice to the students as to respond promptly to tricky questions and manage speed and time to help them to self-evaluate for competitive & Board exams and to identify weak area.

Board pattern test are designed according to the Board syllabus to ensure best performance of students in their Board exams.

Practice for NCERT important questions for board preparation and also focus on practice over last ten years competitive exams question for both medical and engineering aspirants.

Whole syllabus test series are conduct after completion of their syllabus before board examination for both medical and engineering aspirants.