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ABGK is a place where best available manpower is involved to give best techniques for students to achieve their targets. We will provide notes and assignment to our students that helps them to review all the basic concepts as well as some additional concepts and information especially required for competitive examinations.

We conduct tests at regular intervals to judge the performance and level of input needed for the students so that we could nurture every student to fruitful optimum results. Our main motto is to give our students most simple strategies for the most tough examinations.

Director Massage

Dear Students,
God is the ultimate source of all true knowledge, supreme power and of the objects that are known by its means, the purest and absolute truth. AGARWAL BANDHU GYAN KENDRA (ABGK) is the source of Authentic, Best, Genuine,Knowledge. The only key to success is a strong will power. Goals are not achieved overnight. Hard work with proper guidance makes them easily achievable and this is provided in AGARWAL BANDHU GYAN KENDRA where students are guided in such a way that they can achieve this goal within a very short time. So students recognize your hidden talents. Some times very good students can not get through for lack of proper guidance. Believe yourself, start now, your goal is ahead, touch it.

Warm regards,

R. P. AGARWAL (Director- Agarwal Bandhu Gyan Kendra)